Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper

$16.50 16.50

Be as gentle or as rough as you desire with Sex and Mischief’s Feather Slapper. This luxurious spanker is designed with soft red feathers on one end and a sturdy, black spanker on the other. Let your dominant or submissive side come out to play! 


Slapper created with plastic, vinyl, a rubber cap, and rooster feather. 


  1. Master Series Magnus XL Ultra Powerful Magnetic Orbs 


Desire takes on a new meaning with these Magnus XL Ultra Powerful Magnetic Orbs. Even bigger and more powerful, this set of two magnetized orbs packs serious pressure for intense sensations. Make a fun night out of these orbs with couple-gameplay— let your imagination run wild and give your partner the pressure they’ve been craving. Orbs measure 0.5 inches in diameter for greater pleasure.