Bäre CBD Tincture: Broad-Spectrum
We suspend our broad-spectrum hemp CBD extract in non-GMO extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is primarily made...
CBD Topicals: Body Wash
Hop in the shower and get soaking wet with Soaked CBD Shower Gel.  This CBD-infused shower gel works...
GummiesRX CBD Chews
This is no ordinary CBD gummy. We curate high-quality, full-spectrum hemp extract and take the utmost care to...
CBD Topicals: Lubricant
Caution: Slippery when wet!  Introducing your new favorite lubricant.  Heighten your pleasure while receiving the benefits of CBD...
CBD Bath Bombs: Collection
The Complete Mini CBD Bath Bomb Collection(one of each 5 original blends, 10mg each)
Suction Enlarger
The perfect gift for him to be Large and in Charge, the Suction Enlarger penis pump will give...
Muse Silicone Rechargeable Massager Waterproof
Your pleasure, your way. Take charge of your satisfaction with the Muse Silicone Rechargeable Massager. 100% waterproof, this...
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